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Welcome to Our Xtreme Core Nutrition

We are Xtreme Core Nutrition, the UK’s leading protein nutrition company bringing superior protein science to everything we do. Our protein-led nutrition is designed to help you reach your training goals. With proven science to formulate and enhance our products, making sure they work as hard as you do, Xtreme Core Nutrition transforms the strength in protein into strength for life; Making You, Stronger.
We buy high quality ingredients in huge quantities at low prices. Then we pass that quality and value on to our customer base. We make pure ingredients available to the general public, and the best part? We provide tools on our site to allow you to customize those ingredients exactly how you want. Yeah it's pretty cool.
Most supplement companies in our industry spend the majority of their budgets on marketing.  Xtreme Core spends the majority of our budget on quality ingredients; because that's what our customers value. We are able to offer these products to you at such incredible prices because our business is not built on paid endorsements, fancy labels, elaborate marketing schemes or any of the other bells and whistles typical in this industry. Our customers are smart, well-informed consumers who are not fooled by gimmicks...and we like it that way.

Xtreme Core also holds our customer service to the same level of quality. We understand the nature of bulk materials can be confusing at times, and we pride ourselves on showing each and every customer that we truly appreciate their business. We pledge to go above and beyond in offering the personal one-on-one service you expect.For over a decade, our reputation for quality and continued growth has been built by our own customers - there isn’t an endorsement that could make us prouder. It tells us that all our hard work in testing, studying, sourcing and customizing the absolute best proteins and supplements available has been well worth it.